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Our Patients

    • Linda-Parker-photo.jpg

      Linda Parker

      Linda Parker, a cancer survivor and retired teacher, touched many lives over the years helping her students grow into responsible adults. She spent her time doing the things she loved like swimming and bringing joy to others as a certified… View more

    • Ann-Connolly-photo.jpg

      Ann Connolly

      At 87 years of age, Ann Connolly wasn’t ready to slow down.  She was actively involved with the Norwood (Ohio) Senior Center, and particularly enjoyed walking laps at the Kenwood Towne Center mall and shopping trips to Kroger, the local grocery… View more

    • TRH - Success Story - Bill Bockhorst

      Bill Bockhorst

      William “Bill” Bockhorst, 64, leads New Richmond Nazarene Church and prides himself on being a full-service pastor tending to his congregation as well as the physical church. Bill was up a ladder, painting the church when he suddenly slipped.… View more

    • Kira Smith

      Kira Smith

      "If you have to be in a place like this, it’s a fabulous environment," Kira says. "The rehab individuals are absolutely excellent, both the occupational and physical therapy. I was in a rehab facility after open heart surgery, so I've got a… View more