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Admission Criteria

  • Inpatient Functional Admission Criteria

    • The Patient has experienced a substantial loss in more than one domain of function due to the recent onset or change in their medical condition.
    • There is the potential to achieve substantial improvement in one or more domains of function if they are provided with a physician directed goal driven program.
    • The patient must demonstrate a need for multidisciplinary rehabilitation program that consists of two or more skilled therapies totaling at least three hours of therapy time, five days per week. The only exception may be for a specific patient who can participate in 15 hours of therapy over a seven-day period, as determined by the physician.
    • Patient requires daily oversight by a physician with specialized rehabilitation training.
    • Patient requires 24 hours per day specialized rehabilitation nursing care and oversight.
    • The patient must have a desire to fully participate in the rehabilitation process.

    Inpatient Medical Criteria

    • The patient has achieved moderate medical stability.
    • A patient's special medical needs are within the scope of services of the facility.
    • The patient's medical work-up and/or outstanding diagnostic tests have been completed.

    Discharge Criteria

    • The patient intends to be discharged home or to a community-based setting.
    • Family support is available when needed.
    • Insurance approval and/or other financial arrangements have been secured.

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